The Valentine Box is the fifth box (previously the sixth) unlocked in Cut the Rope. It was released on February 14, 2011 with the 1.2.0 update to celebrate the Valentine's Day. It features divided candy, two halves of candy. The player has to reunite them before feeding to Om Nom. == Level 5-1 introduces reuniting the candies with an on-screen tip. Note that losing even a half of candy leads to restarting a level== Level 5-2 goes a bit further to demonstrate the interaction between two candy halves and bubbles. Each of the halves can have a separate bubble, but when they meet, only one bubble survives.

Level 5-12 carries it on, with eight bubbles in a level, an air cushion and three moving stars. It depends more on your luck and perseverance than skill, though.

Level 5-25 has all the three stars in a cage of electric sparks, so that the player has to time each of his actions carefully.