Om Nom Stories are a series of spin-off videos created by ZeptoLab. They tell about Om Nom's adventures outside the video game. А pilot episode was released on December 9, 2011. Ten following episodes, making up the first season, are a variety of short stories about Om Nom living at Evan's house. The second season was launched simultaneously with Cut the Rope: Time Travel; it unfolds the story of Om Nom visiting his ancestors from different epoques. The series tells doesn't show Om Nom returning home. We may speculate that he might bring his ancestors back home and celebrate his return, or either reach a vault of candy and return back home eventually. === Strange Delivery, published 24.10.2012===

Season 1Edit

  1. Bath Time, published 08.11.2012
  2. Favorite Food, published 15.11.2012
  3. Candy Prescription, published 22.11.2012
  4. Halloween Special, published 31.10.2012
  5. Magic Tricks, published 29.11.2012
  6. Arts and Crafts, published 06.12.2012
  7. Candy Can, published 13.12.2012
  8. Christmas Special, published 20.12.2012
  9. Robo Friend, published 27.12.2012

Season 2Edit

  1. Time Travel, published 17.04.2013
  2. The Middle Ages, published 17.04.2013
  3. The Renaissance, published 04.05.2013
  4. Pirate Ship, published 18.05.2013
  5. Ancient Egypt, published 1.06.2013
  6. Ancient Greece, published 15.06.2013
  7. The Stone Age, published 29.06.2013
  8. Disco Era, published 08.08.2013