Om Nom
210px-Ам Ням
Age: 2


Just a green antenna


Candy, Evan, Professor, Sleepy snail

Om Nom is the main protagonist of Cut the Rope. The player's aim throughout the game is to feed him with candy by cutting ropes and using various gameplay elements, such as air cushionsmagic hats, anti-gravity buttons, and other items. Om Nom is known for his passion for candies.

If the candy drops off-screen or gets destroyed, Om Nom will groan in disappointment and make a sad face. Om Nom is a very sweet little creature, unless Spiders steal his candy.

The story of the original game begins with a ring from the doorbell and the player opening the door. Om Nom is in a box, his eyes seen through a hole. On a box there is a sign that says: Feed with candy.

Upon the completion of the original game, Om Nom is shown on a top of a candy mountain. The banner above him says Thanks for playing.

Om Nom reappears in Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift, the second game, and reappears again in Cut the Rope: Experiments. As the story unfolds, the box with Om Nom happens to reach the Professor's house. The Professor experiments with different ways to deliver the candy to Om Nom. He uses suction cup guns, rockets, and a range of other inventions.

No information is available about the species of Om Nom. However, Cut The Rope: Time Travel features On Nom ancestors, which might mean that these creatures are living on Earth for a long time. However, excluding the present Om Nom, there is no evidence that his ancestors had had owners. It is possible they could still be kept by Evan, speculating that Om Nom's species are both domestic and wild, then again, no other creatures of his kind have been seen yet in captivity in his time.

Om Nom's gender is possibly male, but there is no evidence. He is speculated to be a child or a baby, whichever pulls on your heartstrings more. The age of his ancestors is unknown, but we can speculate they are all the same age.