Magic Box is the fourth box (previously the seventh) in Cut the Rope. It was released on April 5, 2011 as the seventh box but was changed to the fourth in a later update. New gameplay features include Magic Hats (although of which had a similar variant in Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift).Level 4-1 introduces Magic Hats that teleport Candy from one hat to another with the same color.

Level 4-3 introduces the concept that candy maintains it speed whilst teleporting. This level also contains the first hidden drawing for the box.

Level 4-4 includes two pairs of hats, much like the Blades, they are color-coded.

Level 4-21 contains the second and last hidden drawing of the box.

Level 4-25 makes the gameplay even more difficult by introducing moving magic hats. The player has to time his actions very carefully.