List of Boxes Edit

Unlike the original game, boxes now contain 15 levels each. The story begins in 2013, when a time machine appears in Om Nom's room while he is trying to eat a piece of candy. The time machine opens and sucks in Om Nom's candy. The little creature tries to get it back, but is sucked into the time machine. He appears too obese to get through. He tries to push himself out, but is sucked back in, making Om Nom start a journey through several epoques. As of May 2013, the game features six time periods.

  • The Middle Ages is the first epoque. Om Nom meets his medieval ancestor, who wears a horned helmet. Chains are introduced, which play the same role as ropes, but can only be broken with special blades, which can also break the candy. This box also serves as an introduction for newcomers.

Facebook posts showed Om Nom in the Middle Ages eating waffles.

  • The Renaissance features another Om Nom's ancestor, with a feather in his hat, a sharp beard and moustache, who resembles an image of Renaissance artists and scientists. Time freeze is the base mechanic for this level pack, as it gives great control over the movements of the both candies.

As well as with the Middle Ages, in Facebook we see Om Nom in the Renaissance eating ice-cream.

  • Pirate Ship introduces bombs that explode on impact, throwing off all the nearby objects. The ancestor seems to be a pirate captain, wearing a hat, an earring and smoking a pipe.
  • Ancient Egypt features flying candy that follows the movements of another candy. The ancestor is wearing white and blue striped nemes, a pharaoh's headdress.
  • Ancient Greece ancestor is wearing a laurel wreath. Two rotating platforms with Om Nom and his ancestor are present in each level, so only one creature is present at any moment. A button switches the platform whenever a candy passes by.
  • The Stone Age ancestor is notably bigger than Om Nom, has some spots on the belly and a bone as a head decoration. The player is able to move stones forward and backward, which results in stars, spikes, portals, bouncing platforms etc. moving.
  • Disco Era ancestor is wearing bug-eye sunglasses and curly hair, with appearance resembling the idols of the 70s. The player must stop the beam lights (which destroy the candy) with the help of a disco ball.

The story finishes with Om Nom reaching a vault full of candy. We see him with a crown decorated with candies. It's unknown how he got home, but somehow he probably did.