Cut The Rope: Experiments
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August 4th, 2011
August 4th, 2011
Platform(s) iOS, Android
Genre Puzzle

Cut the Rope: Experiments is a sequel of Cut the Rope. It was released by ZeptoLab on August 4th, 2011. It is a physics-based puzzle telling a story of Om Nom, a little green creature. Through 175 complicated puzzles, he encounters tools such as bubblesair cushionssuction cups etc. while avoiding hazards, collecting the stars and reaching the candy.


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List Of level packsEditEdit

The game is divided into several level packs. As of May 2013, there are 7 packs, each consisting of 25 levels.

The story starts from an animated short showing a box with Om Nom getting to the Professor. He helps Om Nom pass a series of experiments, often commenting on his success or encouraging the player to try more.

  • Getting Started is mainly educational and reintroduces many gameplay elements from the original game.
  • Shooting the Candy is the first touch of different gameplay. It introduces rope guns, a type of rope that shoots the candy wherever it is. The length of the rope depends on the shooting distance and thus allows for totally new gaming experience.
  • Sticky Steps introduces suction cups. They attach ropes to the surface of the level and may be detached and reattached on a tap. It is the player who now chooses where his ropes start, which allows more freedom — and a series of 25 new puzzles.
  • Rocket Science is not as hard as the title suggests, it only has rockets. As far as a rocket is activated by a candy, it carries the candy in a certain direction. Some rockets can be rotated before the launch, and multiple rockets in a screen often result in an elaborate chain of launches.
  • Bath Time is a pack of levels containing water, which changes the usual behavior of candy and other gameplay elements. While candy floats on the water, many puzzles require it to dive for some time.
  • Handy Candy introduces robotic arms. They can be rotated and bent with some buttons. They can hold candies and release them on a tap, but it's the player's duty to keep the candy safe.
  • Ant Hill utilizes a concept similar to Buzz Box: some ants carry the candy along a certain path. However, ants release the candy on a tap or when they reach the endpoint of the path.