Cardboard box
Release October 2010
Levels 25


Cut the Rope

Cardboard Box is the first box the player gains access to in the original game. Its mechanics revolves around cutting ropes, using bubbles to lift candies, using automatic ropes to catch falling candies and using stretched ropes to gain velocity. The very first obstacle is introduced in this box: the spikes. If a candy falls onto the spikes, the level is restarted.

Notable levels Edit

Level 1-1 is the first level the player sees. The task is as simple as cutting one rope with a swipe. It is unlikely that a player will get less than 3 stars in this level.

Level 1-5 is the first use of a bubble. It lifts the candy upwards. The player can pop the bubble with a single tap on the screen, a candy falls down then.

Level 1-10 introduces automated ropes that appear when a candy gets into the area. They allow the player to catch a falling candy in mid-air or stop a bubble from leaving the screen. The rope can then be cut just like any regular rope.

Level 1-12 introduces the concept of stretched ropes, shown in red. It might contract fast, accelerating the candy and throwing it into the air.

Level 1-16 introduces spikes and advices not to touch spikes with a candy. If a player disobeys, the candy shatters into pieces, leaving Om Nom hungry, and the player has to restart the level. Moreover, it's the first time the player can find a hidden drawing.

Level 1-20 hints that several ropes can be cut at once with a long swipe. Quick Finger and Master Finger achievements make use of this technique.